Almost every year, Findlay·Hancock Economic Development is fortunate to travel to Japan on an economic development trip. The trip is Japan is made up of representatives from the City of Findlay, the University of Findlay, and the business community. Over the past 35 years, this model of having the three entities travel together has proven successful. Findlay is home to several Japanese companies including Roki, Hitachi Astemo, Sanoh, Molten, and GSW Manufacturing, as well as a German/Japanese joint venture, Freudenberg-NOK. Two Japanese Prefectures in particular have grown close with the Findlay community: Saitama and Fukui.

Saitama Prefecture has a longstanding relationship with the City of Findlay. This relationship started with an educational tie between the University of Findlay and Saitama Prefecture. Currently, the University of Findlay is the only university that supports the Ohio Saitama University Scholarship (OSUS) program that was started with several universities in 1992. The University of Findlay supports three scholarship students annually, two of whom are mechanical engineering students. During their studies at the University, they also intern at a Japanese manufacturing company in Findlay. Through this program, two students have gained employment at the parent company of their internship company.

Former Governor Ueda visited Findlay twice during his time in that position. In addition, Findlay hosted a group of elected officials from Saitama Prefecture for training purposes.

Findlay has expanded our relationship with Saitama by establishing a “Friendship City” with Kawaguchi, the 2nd largest city in Saitama. The City of Findlay officially signed the Friendship City agreement in August of 2018 and welcomes two Kawaguchi students to Findlay City Schools in August of 2019.

Findlay has also established a strong relationship with Fukui Prefecture. This relationship was formed through the University of Findlay and has grown to include government and business partners. In 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, Fukui hosted a delegation from Findlay. In 2017, we established a Fukui/Findlay International Business Training Program in which eight young professionals from Fukui spent ten days in Findlay for business training.

Findlay is committed to maintaining and growing the business, education, and government relationships we have formed with our Japanese partners.

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