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Findlay and Hancock County boast many wonderful advantages and amenities for individuals and families looking to locate within our community. With plenty of dining and shopping options, recreational activities, volunteering opportunities, and more, our community is well-suited for a community of diverse interests. To learn more about what Findlay has to offer, explore the Visit Findlay website.

Young Professionals Attraction & Retention

One of the primary focus areas of the Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development (ED) office is workforce development. Part of that workforce discussion centers around the attraction and retention of young professionals in the Findlay-Hancock County community. As such, the ED Advisory Board concluded that in order to understand what is needed to keep young professionals in the community, they needed to ask the young professionals.

The A.F.T.E.R. Hours Task Force was launched with a vision of “Attracting Future, Talent, Entertainment, and Resources” to the Findlay-Hancock community. Individuals met over the course of a year to collectively identify and work towards the opportunities and resources desired by young professionals in an attempt to boost employee retention rates. The task force is excited to share their ideas with our employers, local businesses, and other economic stakeholders who share an interest in the potential of Findlay-Hancock County. To read the full report of the task force’s findings, please click here.

Regional Labor Market

Over half of Hancock County’s workforce drives into our community from neighboring counties everyday, demonstrating Findlay’s influence as a job hub. The below values outline the strength of the regional labor market.

Within 30-Minute Commute: 75,600 available workers

Within 45-Minute Commute: 322,100 available workers

Within 60-Minute Commute: 523,600 available workers

Residential Growth

The Findlay community continues to grow and expand in terms of population and quality of life. One of the primary ways in which local economies can grow is to encourage and incentivize people to live where they work. As mentioned above, over half of Hancock County’s employees current live outside of our community. One way to accomplish our goal of attracting them to live here is through a variety of housing products including affordable, market-rate, and mixed-income housing, as well as single, senior, and multi-family developments.

Several housing projects are highlighted below:

The Townhomes of Liberty Ridge

Market rate, luxury townhomes with attached garages and private patios.

Crawford Station Apartments

Affordable family housing near Tall Timbers Industrial Park and other industrial employers.

Eastern Woods Senior

55+ community with convenient access to shopping, recreation, and healthcare.

The FindlayFormula™

Collective Impact. Extraordinary Results.

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